Surge Protection FAQs

You come home after a rough day at work. You turned on the TV only to know that a nasty thunderstorm could be hitting your town soon. Just then, you hear a buzzing sound from your surge protection device connected to your TV and home theater.

Your heart skipped a beat as you started to hear the device beeping continuously and its LED flickering…

Whatever questions you have regarding surge protection devices, we hope to answer most of the questions you may have when something goes wrong with your surge protection devices at home or in the office.

I hope this category of SPD tips and information helps provide some form of “technical help” to people like you – who may not understand most of what is written inside the product description or manual of surge protection systems.

Again, should you have questions or doubts that are not answered here, please feel free to send us a message using the Contact Us form.

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Steven is a tech-savvy client of mine whose life revolves around a huge assortment of electronic gadgets. From his trusty laptop to his entertainment center ...


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Unless you happen to work in a specialized laboratory and have a huge budget, there is really no proper way on how to test surge a protector. The quick and ...


Most surge protectors are programmed to notify you when there is a notification alert that you need to be aware of. So if you find your surge protector beeping ...


Resetting a surge protection device may sound easy. But it can be deceiving as certain surge protection device may lose their capability to do power surge ...

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