CyberPower CSB600WS Review and Buying Guide

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Many homeowners often question why surge protectors like CyberPower CSB600WS are required at home or in the office. They do not realize that it only takes a strong short duration voltage surge to overheat their connected electronic devices resulting in those devices getting fried or having a premature failure. Data loss may inevitably occur besides having permanent damage to those affected appliances and equipment that contain data like computer hard disks.

Most of the time, electrical currents from power grids are inconsistent, and without surge suppressors like CyberPower CSB600WS, providing vital surge protection for your newly purchased home theater system or smart TV, they could be gone (severely damaged) the next time a massive power spike occurs.

Surge protection devices from CyberPower are no stranger in the surge protection industry and our team hopes that this review of CyberPower CSB600WS is able to provide helpful insights to people who may be searching for an inexpensive surge protector that is able to protect their electronic devices at home and in the office.

At first glance, we are rather pleased with CSB600WS’s stylish design that would bring along a subtle hint of elegance anywhere you place it.

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Below is a list of core features we believe are well worth the asking price.

Core Features of CyberPower CSB600WS

Well Spaced-out Sockets – Sacrificing sockets when using big brick plugs is now a thing of the past. CyberPower CSB600WS has enough socket room to accommodate most big plugs.

Compact with Swivel Outlets – There are not many surge protection devices that come with swivel outlets which enable efficient use of narrow and cramped corners in the house. And definitely not at this price point for sure.

900 Joules Rating – 900 joules of surge protection may not seem a lot but it is more than sufficient to protect all of your plugged-in electronic devices.

Wall Tap Plug – Having a wall tap plug cuts away the inconvenience of having long messy power cords that clutter the otherwise neat and tidy corner space you may have. If you are a fan of wall tap plugs, this inexpensive surge protector is definitely for you.

2 LED Notification Indicators – Besides ensuring that your AC outlets are properly grounded and any other unforeseen line abnormalities, this Cyberpower surge protector will also notify you when it is no longer protecting all your electrical gadgets (green LED light is off).

Metal Oxide Varistor Technology – Any surge protector worth its salt will come with such a built-in MOV technology. This feature essentially diverts away any nasty power surges via the ground circuit hence protecting all your connected devices and the surge protection device itself.

Auto Shutdown – As we have mentioned many times in various product reviews, this is our favorite surge protection feature which we think should be made available in all surge protection (which is not the case yet). Who in their right mind would want to expose their precious electronics to inconsistent power currents when the surge protection device is already out of service?

EMI/RFI Filters – This is a must-have feature that is now commonly found in most surge suppressors. EMI/RFI filters ensure only clean power are supplied to all your plug-in electrical appliances and devices.

Impact-Resistant Casing – This surge protection device is very likely to survive all sorts of rough handling with its impact-resistant casing.

Lifetime Product Warranty – any manufacturers that provide lifetime warranty for their products are naturally in our good books. Not to mention there is a $75k connected equipment guarantee for this inexpensive surge suppressor.

We always want to remind our readers that if you are looking for a surge protection device that is able to protect the entire household, it is highly recommended that you go for whole house surge protector. Do read our review of various models here if you are interested.
CyberPower CSB600WS Essential Surge Protector, 900J/125V, 6 Swivel Outlets, Wall Tap

CyberPower CSB600WS Essential Surge Protector

  • 6 Surge Protected Outlets
  • Compact with Swivel Outlets
  • 900 Joules of Surge Protection
  • Wall Tap Plug
  • $75,000 Connected Equipment Guarantee – Lifetime Product Warranty
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CyberPower CSB600WS Surge Protection Device – What Is to Like?

There are quite a few things we like about this surge protector from Cyberpower besides its very affordable price point. Its swivel outlets and wall tap plug are 2 space-efficient features that we think are useful for a lot of homeowners. And obviously, any surge protector with auto-shutdown capability will also win us over, need we say more? 🙂

9.3 Total Score
Review of CyberPower CSB600WS

Inexpensive, huge array of features, efficient use of narrow space are what impressed our team when we reviewed this surge protector from CyberPower. Truly a thoughtful gifts for yourself, friends and family during holiday seasons. Need we say more?

  • Swivel Outlets
  • Wall Tap Plug
  • LED Notification Indicators
  • Metal Oxide Varistor Technology
  • Auto Shutdown
  • EMI/RFI Filters
  • Impact-Resistant Casing
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Lack of USB ports
  • No protection for data lines

CSB600WS Product Specifications

Product Information
Product Dimension 4.1 x 2.4 x 6.5 inches
Item Weight 11.2 ounces
Shipping Weight 12.8 ounces
Item model number CSB600WS

CyberPower CSB600WS Minor Flaws – What to Expect?

There is a few minor imperfections that we thought is not really a deal-breaker but still, we want to list them out so that you are aware of them. One of which is that there is no safety shutter on the sockets which may be dangerous for folks with little ones at home. Having a couple of USB ports [Check out a similar model with 2 x USB ports] is a somewhat common feature these days and it would be pretty useful to have a couple of these placed at the center of the unit. What do you guys think?

Who Should Buy It?

This unit is definitely a must-buy for people on a budget and has only a small handful of electrical devices that require charging. If you have a tight narrow space at home, its swivel outlets definitely deserve a slot in your shopping list.

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Who Shouldn’t Buy It?

On the contrary, if you have a room full of high-end electrical appliances and gadgets, CyberPower CSB600WS should not be on your shopping list. In addition to that, if you need to protect a few of your USB-powered smart devices against nasty power spikes, this surge protection unit is again not for you.

Is The Price Reasonable?

We absolutely love the price that comes with this feature-rich surge protection unit. If you were to look around, there is a very slim chance that you will ever find such an affordable surge protector that comes with so many awesome features from a reputable manufacturer. Definitely something worth getting for your family and friends.

Consumer Review of CyberPower CSB600WS

Most people who purchased CyberPower CSB600WS are understandably happy with it barring those tire-kickers who are asking for the sky for such a price point. Although some of the units are bound to have some form of manufacturing defects here and there we are glad CyberPower support has always been quick to help customers with their issues.

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Bottom Line – Should You Get it?

If you just want an affordable surge protection device at home to protect your normal day-to-day electrical stuff against inconsistent transient surges at home or office, we sincerely believe CyberPower CSB600WS fits the bill. There are also 1 and 3 outlet models available.

FAQ About CyberPower CSB600WS

What is the plug type that comes with CSB600WS?

This unit comes with NEMA 5-15P.

What are the typical application for CSB600WS?

Cable DSL/Modems, Chargers, Network Devices, Personal Computers, Routers & Modems. Just to name a few.

What is the maximum surge current for CSB600WS?

45,000 amps

What is the clamping voltage for CSB600WS?

400 V (L-N, N-G) | 500 V (L-G)

What is the surge protection response time for CSB600WS?

Less than 1 nanosecond.

Additional Product Info

The user manual can be found here.

The additional technical specifications can be found here.

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