Eaton CHSPT2ULTRA Review: Why It Might Not Be For You

EATON CHSPT2ULTRA Surge Protector for Whole House

When it comes to protecting your home and electronic devices from power surges, Eaton is a name that stands out in the industry. With a legacy steeped in providing reliable surge protection solutions, Eaton has established itself as a trusted brand in the market.

One of the flagship products offered by Eaton is the CHSPT2ULTRA surge protector, known for its exceptional performance and robust features.

If you are wondering if it is the right match for you, you are in the right place as I will delve into why it may not be suitable for everyone.

Surge protection devices are essential for safeguarding your valuable electronics from power surges, but it’s important to choose the right one for your specific needs.

In this review, I will dive deep into the features, performance, and limitations of the Eaton CHSPT2ULTRA surge protector.

 In a Nut Shell 

  • Eaton CHSPT2ULTRA is a whole house surge protection device.
  • Eaton CHSPT2ULTRA has specific features, performance, and limitations.
  • Do not get it if you are on a budget or is an overkill for your current needs
  • Always compare against other market options.

Core Features of Eaton CHSPT2ULTRA

What sets the CHSPT2ULTRA surge protector apart from the competition? Its popularity can be attributed to a combination of factors.

EATON CHSPT2ULTRA Ultimate Surge Protection 3rd Edition, 2.38" Length, 5.25" Width 7.5" HeightIts whole house surge protection capability is a major selling point. It safeguards not only individual electronic devices but also the entire electrical system of your home. With its ability to handle high energy surges, the CHSPT2ULTRA ensures that your valuable electronics are protected, minimizing the risk of damage or downtime.

Eaton CHSPT2ULTRA is designed with robust surge suppression technology, featuring multiple modes of protection. This ensures comprehensive defense against transient voltage spikes, keeping your devices safe under all circumstances

Thanks to its versatility, it is compatible with various load centers, making installation hassle-free. Whether for residential or commercial applications, the CHSPT2ULTRA is a convenient and efficient solution that provides peace of mind.

Already at its 3rd edition, this surge suppressor device continues to bring on new levels of performance, top-notch features, and reliability as it evolves. Be sure to read the full review of this whole house surge suppressor before buying one.

EATON CHSPT2ULTRA Ultimate Surge Protection 3rd Edition, 2.38" Length, 5.25" Width 7.5" Height

EATON CHSPT2ULTRA Ultimate Surge Protection 3rd Edition

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Our Review and Rating of Eaton CHSPT2ULTRA

9.2 Total Score
Eaton CHSPT2ULTRA 109420 Whole House Surge Protector Review

This UL approved whole house surge protector which is a brand widely known for its reliability and performance comes with features that are hardly matched by any of its competitors. If you need a surge suppressor that provides maximum protection for all your electrical appliances indoor, CHSPT2ULTRA model by Eaton is the best choice. We gave it a 9.2 rating despite minor stuff that does not affect the quality of the product itself. Customer support is subjective and having add-on modules come with its advantages too.

  • Ease of installation on any brand of load-center
  • Light and compact in Size
  • Upgraded performance and reliability
  • NEMA Type 4 Enclosure (Indoor and Outdoor)
  • Excellent Surge Charge Rating of 108kA
  • Easy to understand LED status indicator
  • Impressive Maximum Surge Current Capacity (MSCC)
  • 4 Complete Modes of Protection
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Have to purchase phone and cable add-on modules
  • Customer support has rooms for improvement
  • Not safe for Do-It-Yourself Installation (hired electrician highly recommended)

Eaton CHSPT2ULTRA’s Specifications

Before getting a whole house surge protector, it’s important to understand the technical specifications – this is to ensure you are well aware of its technical capabilities and ratings to better match your home requirements.


Specifications of Eaton CHSPT2ULTRA

Maximum Surge Current Capacity (MSCC) – Standard Requirement: ≥30kA (30,000 Amps)
– Eaton CHSPT2ULTRA: 108kA, far exceeding the standard requirement
Modes of Protection – Eaton CHSPT2ULTRA includes:
1. L-N (Line to Neutral)
2. L-G (Line to Ground)
3. L-L (Line to Line)
4. N-G (Neutral to Ground)
– Square D HEPD80 also includes all the above modes of protection
Short Circuit Current Rating (SCCR) – Eaton CHSPT2ULTRA: 22kA, which is above many brands in the industry
Clamping Voltage (Voltage Protective Rating) – L-N: 600V
– L-G: 600V
– L-L: 1000V
– N-G: 800V
NEMA Enclosure Type – Type 4: Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, protects against dirt, water, etc.

The table above highlights the key features of the Eaton CHSPT2ULTRA, emphasizing its high surge current capacity, comprehensive modes of protection, solid short circuit current rating, specific clamping voltages for different types of surges, and robust NEMA Type 4 enclosure.

Core Features and Benefits

Maximum Surge Current Capacity (MSCC)

The standard requirement for whole-house surge protection to work efficiently is to have at least 30kA (30,000 Amps). Most surge suppressors in the market are 30kA which is well within the IEEE’s recommended capacity ranges.

Eaton CHSPT2ULTRA far exceeded that MSCC requirement and it comes with a whopping 108kA. With surge capacity, this device could probably block a couple more surges than those sold in the marketplace.

Modes of Protection

One of the standout features of the CHSPT2ULTRA is its multi-mode protection. This means that it effectively guards against both voltage surges and current surges, offering comprehensive defense against diverse types of electrical disturbances.

L-N (Line to Neutral)

L-G (Line to Ground)

L-L (Line to Line)

N-G (Neutral to Ground)

Square D HEPD80, a model from Schneider Electric, also comes with all of the above modes of protection.

Short Circuit Current Rating (SCCR)

CHSPT2ULTRA comes with a 22kA SCCR which is decently good because the currents emitted from short circuits will never be as high as those from power spikes. Hence having a 22kA is already well above many brands in the industry.

Clamping Voltage (also known as Voltage Protective Rating)

Clamping voltage is the number of surge voltages that are let through a surge protection device after a power surge has been blocked. By effectively limiting the voltage that reaches your devices, it prevents them from being damaged by power surges, ensuring their longevity and performance.

L-N: 600V

L-G: 600V

L-L: 1000V

N-G: 800V

NEMA Enclosure Type 4

As you may already know, NEMA enclosure Type 4 is among the best standard rating for electrical enclosures.

With a rugged and durable design, this surge protector is built to withstand even harsh environments.

Its robust NEMA Type 4 enclosure provides superior protection against dust, debris, and moisture, ensuring reliable performance in various indoor and outdoor applications.

More info can be found here.

Important Product information and Specifications

Part Number: CHSPT2ULTRA

Height: 7.5 inches

Item Weight: 1.0 pounds

Length: 2.38 inches

Material: Plastic

Model Number: CHSPT2ULTRA

Number of Items: 1

Specification Met: NEMA

Voltage: 240.0 volts

Width: 5.25 inches

 Who Should Buy It? 

Homeowners who need a surge protection device that is capable of protecting the entire house without spending a bomb should take a closer look at this product.

They should be buying both CHSPT2ULTRA (Type 2) and Type 3 surge protection devices which are surge protection strips that protect connected electrical appliances.

This combo will provide your entire house with comprehensive 2-tiered surge protection.

 Who Shouldn’t Buy It? 

While the Eaton CHSPT2ULTRA surge protector offers impressive features and performance, it may not be suitable for everyone. Here are some specific user considerations to keep in mind before making a purchase:

Users with Limited Technical Knowledge: The installation process of the Eaton CHSPT2ULTRA surge protector requires a certain level of electrical knowledge and expertise. If you are not familiar with electrical systems or lack confidence in performing electrical work, it is advisable to hire a professional electrician for installation to ensure safety and proper functionality.

Users on a Budget: The Eaton CHSPT2ULTRA surge protector is priced higher than some of its competitors in the market. If you are on a tight budget, you may want to consider more cost-effective options that still provide sufficient surge protection for your needs.

Users with Specific Load Centers: Although the Eaton CHSPT2ULTRA surge protector is designed for universal connection, there might be compatibility issues with specific load centers. It is recommended to check the compatibility of your load center with the CHSPT2ULTRA model before purchasing.

Environment: If you do not stay near lightning-prone areas or do not experience frequent transient surges, getting electrical surge protection devices should suffice.

Is Eaton CHSPT2ULTRA Worth the Investment?

When considering the purchase of a surge protector, one key factor to evaluate is usually the price. Since the Eaton CHSPT2ULTRA costs more than just a few cups of Starbucks coffee, it is essential to determine whether the investment is worth it in terms of both the features provided and its cost-effectiveness.

With its advanced surge capacity, multiple modes of protection, and high clamping voltage, it is obvious that Eaton CHSPT2ULTRA provides excellent defense against power spikes and surges.

One of the key advantages that is a huge plus for me is its impressive cost-effectiveness. Priced at a reasonable point in comparison to other whole house surge protectors on the market, this device offers exceptional value for money.

It combines reliability, durability, and superior performance, making it a worthwhile investment for protecting valuable electronic equipment.

On the other hand, if the price point is way beyond your budget and you do not think you will ever need all of its superior protection capabilities, it might be a better financial option for you to get Type 3 surge protection devices and have them scattered across various rooms to protect all your plug-in devices.

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Existing Buyers Review

Some buyers do mention that the wirings are not long enough for top and bottom installation but in our opinion, Eaton does it on purpose. People with electrical knowledge will know that long wires will introduce resistance. This will cause the voltage to increase beyond a certain amperage hence rendering the device ineffective.

Minor Flaws – What to Expect

Some buyers complained about having to buy additional add-on modules which add to the overall cost. But we have to bear in mind that having separate modules could also mean that they are easily replaceable and owners need not buy a brand new device because of it.

A few buyers mentioned poor customer service which can be subjective depending on where in the world you are calling from. I tried contacting their customer support and my overall experience with the service representative was pleasant.

Another minor issue is that it is NOT recommended for homeowners to DIY the installation. A trained electrician is always the best way to hardwire this device into your main breaker panel.

Comparing CHSPT2ULTRA With Other Market Options

Before hitting that buy button, you need to compare the Eaton CHSPT2ULTRA with other options available in the market. When selecting a surge protector, it’s important to consider various factors such as performance, features, price, and brand reputation. By comparing the CHSPT2ULTRA with its competitors, we can gain a better understanding of how it stands out in the market.

Below are some of its competitors in the market that we have reviewed.

Square D HEPD80

Intermatic IG1240RC3

Leviton 51120-1 Panel Protector

Siemens FS140

To start the comparison, I will analyze the surge protection performance of the CHSPT2ULTRA and its competitors. This includes evaluating their surge capacity, clamping voltage, and response time. By examining these specifications, we can determine how effectively each surge protector safeguards against power surges, ensuring the protection of valuable electronics and appliances.

Next, I will examine the features offered by CHSPT2ULTRA and its competitors. This includes factors such as diagnostic indicators, audible alarms, mounting options, and warranty coverage. These features play a crucial role in enhancing the user experience and providing added convenience and peace of mind.

Price is another important factor to consider when comparing surge protectors. I will analyze the price points of CHSPT2ULTRA and its competitors to determine the value for money offered by each option. It’s essential to strike a balance between affordability and the level of surge protection provided.

I would also assess the brand reputation and customer reviews of CHSPT2ULTRA and its competitors. Brand reputation is a significant indicator of reliability and customer satisfaction. By evaluating real-world experiences shared by customers, we can gain valuable insights into the long-term durability and performance of these surge protectors.

Customizing Your Surge Protection: Additional Modules and Features

The Eaton CHSPT2ULTRA surge protector features a modular design that allows for the addition of various modules to enhance its protective capabilities. These additional modules can be easily integrated into the existing surge protection system, providing specialized protection for specific electronic devices or applications.

With the Eaton CHSPT2ULTRA, users have the option to add modules such as:

  • Telephone/DSL protection module: Safeguard your communication lines from damaging surges for uninterrupted connectivity.
  • Coaxial protection module: Protect your cable TV, satellite, or antenna connections from power surges to ensure uninterrupted entertainment.
  • Data line protection module: Secure your Ethernet or other network connections from transient voltage spikes to maintain reliable data transmission.
  • Whole-home automation module: Protect your home automation systems, smart devices, and IoT devices from destructive power surges.

Adding these modules provides tailored protection for specific areas of your home or office, reinforcing the defense against power surges and preventing potential damage to sensitive electronic devices.

With the Eaton CHSPT2ULTRA’s modular design, users can easily customize their surge protection system to meet their unique needs. Whether it’s safeguarding communication lines, entertainment systems, data connections, or home automation setups, the additional modules offer targeted protection for specific areas of concern.

Indoor and Outdoor Applications of CHSPT2ULTRA

This Eaton surge protector with its NEMA Type 4 enclosure is ideal for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications. Its robust construction and reliable performance make it suitable for use in various environments where surge protection is critical.

Indoor Applications:

  • Residential homes
  • Commercial buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Schools and universities
  • Data centers

Outdoor Applications:

  • Outdoor lighting systems
  • Telecommunications equipment
  • Industrial machinery
  • Water treatment facilities
  • Outdoor signage

What Else to Know?

Eaton CHSPT2ULTRA is a Type 2 surge protector device which means it will protect up to 80% of all incoming power surges. To get comprehensive and all-rounded surge protection, it is always recommended to get a Type 3 surge protection device for all your plug-in electrical appliances and devices like laptops, mobile phones, TVs and printers, etc.

Final Thoughts – Should You Get It?

After thoroughly reviewing the Eaton CHSPT2ULTRA surge protector, it is clear that this surge protection device offers a range of benefits for homeowners seeking comprehensive surge protection. Its popularity can be attributed to Eaton’s long-standing reputation in the industry, as well as the CHSPT2ULTRA’s impressive surge capacity and technical specifications.

While the CHSPT2ULTRA comes with numerous advantages, it is important to consider certain limitations and considerations before making a purchase. Some users may find the installation process challenging, requiring a certain level of knowledge and expertise. Additionally, the price point of the CHSPT2ULTRA may be a deterrent for budget-conscious individuals.

Overall, if you prioritize reliable surge protection for your entire home and are willing to invest in a high-quality product, the Eaton CHSPT2ULTRA surge protector is an excellent choice.

Where to get Eaton CHSPT2ULTRA

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Eaton CHSPT2ULTRA surge protector come with a warranty?

Yes, Eaton offers a limited lifetime warranty for the CHSPT2ULTRA surge protector, providing added peace of mind and assurance of its quality and performance.

Can the Eaton CHSPT2ULTRA surge protector be installed by anyone?

While the CHSPT2ULTRA surge protector can be self-installed, it is recommended that a certified electrical contractor handle the installation to ensure proper setup and adherence to safety standards.

Is the Eaton CHSPT2ULTRA surge protector compatible with different electrical systems?

Yes, the CHSPT2ULTRA surge protector is designed to be compatible with various load centers, offering a universal connection capability for seamless integration into different electrical setups.

Does the Eaton CHSPT2ULTRA surge protector have LED indication for protective status?

Yes, the Eaton CHSPT2ULTRA surge protector features LED indicators that provide visual confirmation of its protective status, allowing you to easily monitor its operation.

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