Siemens FS140 Review – You Might Regret Not Getting it Earlier

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Recently a previous client of mine contacted me. He told me a lightning strike came by a few nights ago and his surge protection strip and all connected electronics were mostly fried.

I told him having a Type 3 SPD at home is not enough to block such powerful voltage spikes and recommended that he get a Type 2 SPD for the whole house. Type 2 SPD (surge protection device) is a type of SPD to be hardwired at the main breaker panel.

Type 3 Surge Protection Devices Are Not EnoughSiemens FS140 Whole House Surge Protection Device Rated for 140,000 Amps

A few days later, he called and asked if he should get Siemens FS140. Because of that, I decided to review this whole house surge protector from Siemens.

This is mainly for the benefit of future visitors who may be looking for a product review for the same brand and model.

In my line of work, I often hear similar horror stories from clients and friends. These people are frequent victims of huge power surges that cause expensive damage to costly electrical appliances in their homes.

I hope this review will help someone make a smarter buying decision and better protect their home against destructive current surges.

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Core Features and Benefits

Versatile Protection for Residential and Commercial

I am always impressed with Type 2 surge suppressors like FirstSurge which are highly versatile and can work with any load center brand. It does not matter where you install it.

This versatile surge protection device starts its protection mission once powered up and connected to a 30A or less, 2-pole circuit breaker.

3 Stage Commercial Grade Notifications [Visual + Audio Notifications and Alerts]

Its commercial class three-stage notification diagnostic [LEDs, Audible Alarm, and Red Flashing LED] sets Siemens FS140 apart from its competitors.

As we know all surge protection devices are sacrificial after it blocks away damaging currents and voltages.

It will immediately alert you for replacement through its notifiers like an audible alarm and red flashing LEDs when it is no longer able to provide surge protection.

Less Than 1 Nanosecond Response Time

Having a less than 1 nanosecond responding time could only mean that your electrical appliances at home are in safe hands. When a nasty power surge comes in through the load center, it will get blocked almost immediately.

NEMA Type 4 Enclosure

This Siemens surge protector is intended for outdoor and indoor installation due to its commercial-grade NEMA Type 4 enclosure.

NEMA Type 4 enclosure can protect against what is listed below to a certain extent.

  • Splashing water
  • windblown dust and rain
  • rain or damage from external ice formation

A Decade of Product Warranty

FS140’s 10-Year Limited Product Warranty and Connected Equipment Warranty. This should give you better peace of mind than most of its competitors in the industry.

Our Review and Rating of Siemens FS140

8.8 Total Score
Siemens FS140 FirstSurge Whole House Surge Protector Review

Unlike its competitors, Siemens FirstSurge has audible alarms to alert you when it is time for replacement. There is also a flashing Red LED to notify you if there is hazardous issue due to compromised electrical system neutral to ground bond. These are in additional to having the usual green LED indicator notifications. Siemens FS140 also comes packed with 140,000amp worth of surge rating which means it is able to block more nasty surges originated from within your home. While the price point is a budget constraint for most homeowners, we truly believe this feature-packed surge protector is more than worth the price it is asking for.

  • 3 Stage Commercial Grade Notifications
  • Surge Current Capacity of 140,000 Amp
  • Modular Surge Protection System
  • Nema Type 4 Enclosure
  • Less than 1 Nanosecond Response Time
  • UL 1449 Listed
  • 10 year product and connected equipment warranty
  • Big size and footprint
  • More costly than most SPDs
  • Additional purchase required for coaxial and phone system protection

Who Should Buy it?

If you need a robust, reliable, and performance-ready whole house surge protection device, this FirstSurge device from Siemens will fit the bill.

There is no doubt that it has a big size and the price point is a little on the high side. But the surge protection features and benefits you are getting are worth more than the replacement cost of your fried electronic devices and appliances.

Who Shouldn’t Buy It?

This big-size surge protection device [10 x 6 x 4 inches ] from Siemens may not fit in your breaker panel. Be sure to take measurements of your panel before getting it. So yes, obviously this is not for you if you have a panel that is unable to fit the size dimensions of Siemens FS140.

There is another reason why it may not be for you. Extra cost will be needed to buy both the Coaxial System Protection and Phone System Protection devices separately. If you do not have the budget for these extra devices, you may want to give FS140 a miss as you will not have holistic protection against surges for the entire house.

Is the Price Reasonable?

In our opinion, the price of Siemens FS140 is a little steep for most homeowners. And if you consider the features and benefits you are getting from this Siemens surge device like its 140,000 amp surge rating and 3-stage notification diagnostic, it is still quite a worthy buy.

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Existing Buyers Review

A few buyers mentioned the surge protection device is too big for their breaker box. But did also mentioned that size does not matter if the installation is done outside the box via a conduit. Beyond that, there is not any substantial with the device in terms of quality and surge protection capability.

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Minor Flaws – What to Expect

As I stated earlier, besides the size of this Type 2 SPD being a little too big for fitting into the main service panel, there is not an issue with the product quality.

Important Product information and Specifications

Part Number: FS140

Item Weight: 2.7 pounds

Product Dimensions: 10 x 6 x 4 inches

Item model number: FS140

Color: 4

Surge Current Capacity: 140,000 Amps

Item Package Quantity: 1

Certification: Certified frustration-free

Batteries Required?: No

What Else to Know About Siemens FS140?

Some buyers asked what happens next after the audible alarm goes off. Is there any way to silence it? Once the audible alarm gets activated, the device has done its job and will need replacement. Hence turning it and unplugging it from the breaker panel would silence it.

If you want a true 100% whole-house protection against surges, be ready to get an additional connector and device for both Siemens FSCATV coaxial system and Siemens FSPHONE phone system protection.

Bottom Line – Should You Get It?

You should get this whole house surge suppressor from Siemens if the size and cost are not an issue for you. Overall, I feel that the price is well worth the surge protection features and performance that it comes with.

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