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Save BIG with Energy Saving Surge Protectors – Best 6 Reviewed for 2021

Energy Efficient Surge Protectors

Last Updated on May 4, 2021 by Marc Edwards

Setting up an Eco-friendly home is never an easy task. Besides planning and designing an energy efficient household, you should also consider the type of electrical appliances to be used plus getting energy saving surge protectors for your green home.

People who has Eco-friendly home tend to save more money. Unfortunately, not many home owners are aware that money is still leaking away from their home every single day. Even when their electrical appliances are switched off.

Read on to find out why.

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Did You Know That?

Energy Saving Surge ProtectorsNot many people is aware that they are ‘burning’ cold hard cash away in their home and offices almost every minute of the day.

All thanks to phantom load a.k.a standby power.

Devices that are not in active use but remain (connected) plugged in to the power strip or normal surge protector are leaking away precious electricity and money.

According to US. Department of Energy, phantom load is consuming up to 75% of all electricity used to power up domestic electronic. They are mostly home appliances that are turned off but remain connected to power outlets or surge protectors.

Walk around your house and I assure you it would not be hard to catch any of these ‘phantoms’.

Take a look at your DVD players, laptop computers, microwave, washing machines.

Those electrical appliances and devices, which are still plugged in to active power outlets, are still consuming electricity as they patiently await your next use.

So What Can We Do About it?

Below is a few ways to cut down phantom load:

    • Manually switch off and unplug all devices and appliances in the house after every use
    • In case you have devices that need to be plugged in all the time, be sure to get smart power strips. Turning off the power switch of the master outlet of such “smart” power strips will automatically switch off all the devices or appliances that are currently plugged in. Such power strips usually come with a couple of ‘Always On” outlets for devices that need to be powered on continuously.
    • Invest in energy saving surge protectors if your house has a history of lightning power surges, regular power spikes and disruptions etc.

What Are Energy Saving Surge Protectors?

Energy efficient surge protectors are Eco-friendly that will save you money. These surge protection devices are able to protect your devices and appliances against nasty power surges and spikes. In addition to that, they will also make shutting down the power to peripheral devices (think speakers, printers etc) connected to your computer hassle-free.

Most importantly, such energy saving surge protectors are truly meant for elimination of phantom load. These nasty power suckers continues to suck away power as your devices and appliances continue to get plugged in after use.

Some of these energy saving surge protectors will also cut off power to your mobile phone when it is fully charged. Such surge protection devices not only save you money by reducing energy consumption in the long run, they will make life easier for you and your family.

Who Should Buy One?

Home owners with lots of electronic appliances and offices with tons of computer connected peripheral devices, should consider investing in energy efficient surge protectors. Getting these energy saving surge protectors will help cut down electricity bill plus protections against unexpected power spikes and surges.

Buying Guide – What to Look For?

When it comes to getting the best surge protection for home or office, it is often challenging for most people to know how to choose the right one when shopping at the malls or electrical shop.

If you have decided to invest in energy saving surge protectors, be aware that these type of surge protectors are NOT the same as their non-energy saving counterparts.

Besides knowing what to look for in a normal surge protection system, do make sure that the energy saving surge protectors you are buying come with the few additional features listed below:

  • the outlets for “Always On” and “Auto Switched” and “Control/Master” sockets are properly labeled
  • auto ‘turn off’ of power when the connected devices are not in use (please note the only sockets labeled with “Auto Switched” have such feature
  • less than 1 watt in ide current when devices are in standby mode
  • Be sure to watch this video on how it works even if you are not getting our recommended protect your devices and appliances

Our Selection Criteria

Energy-saving feature

Yes, this feature is a must-have when it comes to eliminating phantom load and you may be able to at least save up to $40 per year on electrical bills.

Number of Energy-saving Outlets

Although this will varies depending on individual home and office requirements, we generally go for one that comes with more “auto switched” sockets than the “always on” ones.

Cord Length

Again, the length of the cord will very much depend on your requirements. But in general, you should go for anything that is at least 4foot and above. The longer the better if the other features are worth their salt. 🙂

Joule Surge Suppression Rating

Surge protection devices in general have sufficient joules to take on a single power surges. Knowing when our surge protection devices no longer work are way more crucial. And that’s why we place more importance on diagnostic LEDs features.

Diagnostic LEDs

Yes, we feel that this feature is a must-have since it is important that we are aware whether surge protection against nasty surges are working or not.

And it is also good to know from the diagnostic LEDs whether the wiring and grounding of devices are properly done up or not.

Well Spaced Out Sockets

Although not all surge protector comes with well spaced out sockets, we are generally not too bothered with it. This is because we know that surge suppressors with such sockets are usually meant for devices or appliances that come with smaller plugs.

But obviously if an energy efficient surge protector does come with well spaced out sockets, it is definitely an additional plus in our book.

Power Cut to all Sockets Upon Surge Protection Failure

It is an important feature but unfortunately not all surge protection companies have the same line of thoughts.

While we can understand it is essential to block power to all devices when a surge protector can no longer protect against further power spikes or surges, not everyone welcome such a feature.

Some people would rather just get a LED notification rather than having power cut off to their mission critical electronic devices or home appliances.


Most people feel cheated when they are hit by surges and their equipment and devices are fried.

Before you even buy one, please sure to check and read the warranty small prints. Try to also understand what level of warranty and financial compensations are given when the surge protector you invested in fails to work.

Editor’s Top Choice and Recommendations

This Eco-friendly home and office surge protector features 5 energy-saving outlets that help prevent power wastage from connected devices.

It’s 2160 joule surge suppression rating will help protect your equipment against most major power surges and voltage spikes.

Most importantly, this energy saving surge protector comes equipped with 6 diagnostic LEDs to help indicate potential wiring problems and unforeseen suppressor damage.

If you are looking to invest in energy saving surge protectors for your home or office, Tripp Lite 8 Outlet Eco-Surge Protector Power Strip is your best bet.

Our Best Pick and Recommended Eco-Friendly Surge Protector


Tripp Lite 8 Outlet Eco-Surge Protector Power Strip (TLP808NETG)

GREEN surge technology that protects your computer and peripherals, the environment and your wallet

Tripp Lite 8 Outlet (5 Energy Saving) Surge Protector Power Strip, 8ft Cord, Right-Angle Plug, Lifetime Limited Warranty & $150,000 INSURANCE (TLP808NETG)

Benefits and Drawbacks

  • energy saving : eliminate phantom energy usage then lowers electric bill
  • features 6 diagnostic LEDs
  • child Safety Outlet Covers for all sockets
  • green sockets are not so well spaced
  • Some sockets are a little tight when plugging in devices
  • Ethernet protectors are only up to 100baseT and not Gigabit

6 Editorial Best Picks of Energy Efficient Surge Protectors


Below is a list of 6 energy saving surge protectors that our team have carefully selected from a list of more than hundreds of surge protectors in the market.

Besides being energy efficient, these surge protectors are sufficiently equipped with great features. They also come with great reviews and ratings from Amazon and other online market places.

Bits Limited LCG-3MVR Energy Saving Surge Protector with Autoswitching Technology, 10-Outlet

[1] Bits Limited LCG-3MVR Energy Saving Surge Protector with Autoswitching Technology

  • Ten-outlet surge protector with four-foot cord
  • Right-angle plug keeps cord close to the wall
  • Automatically turns off power when not in use to help save energy
  • Superior EMI/RFI filtering to 52dB
  • Backed by a full two-year warranty for defects
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Smart Power Strip WiFi Power Bar 5ft  Extension Cord Compatible with Alexa,Google Home, TECKIN Surge Protector with 4 USB Charging Ports and Smart AC Plugs for Multi Outlets

[2] TECKIN Smart Power Strip Surge Protector WiFi Power Bar 5ft Extension Cord

  • Remote Control – Once this smart power strip is connected successfully, you can control the power of your electrical items on/off by the free App (smart life). Even you are not at home, you can easily control your home electronics on or off from anywhere.
  • Voice Control – Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google home assistant, control your home appliances with the smart plug by simply giving voice commands to Alexa or Google Assistant.
  • Multiple Ssafeguards – TECKIN Smart Power Strip is UL approved and it is made of high quality materials.
  • Set Schedule & Timer – Schedule the Smart Power Strip to automatically power electronics on and off as needed
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Tripp Lite 12 Outlet (8 Energy Saving) Surge Protector Power Strip, 10ft Cord, Right-Angle Plug, Lifetime Warranty & $250,000 INSURANCE (TLP1210SATG)

[3] Tripp Lite 12 Outlet (8 Energy Saving) Surge Protector Power Strip, 10ft Cord (TLP1210SATG)

  • Protect any electronic device from power surges and spikes: Surge Protector with twelve outlets and coaxial/tel/modem/Ethernet protection is ideal for your entire home/business theater installations!
  • Power Saving Outlets: This energy saving surge suppressor includes twelve 5-15R total outlets, one of which is a “master” outlet that controls power flow for one primary device and up to eight other devices.
  • Premium Surge Protection with Built-in Modem/Coax/Ethernet Protection
  • Confirms to UL 1449 Safety Standards: Automatic shutoff cuts power to outlets when the protection circuit has been compromised.
  • Lifetime warranty, $250,000 Insurance: Lifetime Limited Warranty and $250,000 Ultimate Lifetime Insurance covers any connected equipment damaged by a power surge
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TrickleStar 7 Outlet Advanced PowerStrip, 1080 Joules, 3ft cord

[4] TrickleStar 7 Outlet Advanced PowerStrip, 1080 Joules, 3ft cord

  • Adjustable Switching Threshold – An adjustable switch allows the user to easily adjust the threshold of the control device – the power value at which the Advanced PowerStrip switches on or off the switched outlets.

  • Reduces Standby Power Waste –  Standby power is energy consumed by electronics even after they are switched off.
  • Fireproof protection: The Advanced PowerStrip incorporates advanced surge protection technology with ceramic-encased Metal Oxide Varistors that suppress more energy and dissipate heat faster than traditional surge protection products. The ceramic casing is fireproof and therefore capable of preventing fire during abnormal surge conditions.
  • Improves performance through EMI/RFI noise filtering
  • Super Quiet at <40dB noise filtering
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Belkin 8-Outlet Conserve Switch Surge Protector with 4-Foot Cord and Remote, F7C01008q,White

[5] Belkin 8-Outlet Conserve Switch Surge Protector with 4-Foot Cord and Remote

  • Control power to your whole computer system with a single click
  • The wireless remote switch lets you shut off power-including standby power – to up to six devices at once: your computer, monitor
  • Two Always-On Outlets stay on for devices that need continuous power, like your router or cordless phone
  • 4 foot cord length
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging
  • Place remote on a desk or shelf, or mount it on the wall – 60 foot range; line of sight not required
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TP-LINK WiFi Smart Power Strip w/ 6 Surge Protection Outlets & 3 USB Ports HS300, White

[6] TP-LINK WiFi Smart Power Strip w/ 6 Surge Protection Outlets & 3 USB Ports HS300

  • 6 Smart Outlets: Independently Control 6 Smart outlets, and charge 3 devices with built in USB ports; Ideal for Controlling electronics in Your Home, Home Office, or Small Business
  • SURGE Protection: ETL certified surge Protection shields sensitive electronics and appliances from sudden Power surges that can occur during weather storms and cause irreparable damage
  • Energy Monitoring : Monitor how much energy devices connected to the power strip consume; Check on each one from your Kasa smart app and turn off ones that are using too much power
  • Control From Anywhere: Control connected devices from Anywhere with the Kasa Smart app. Power up Your Office remotely and even Your holiday lights from the app
  • Voice Control: Remotely Control Your Smart plug and use Voice commands with Alexa, Google Assistant, or MicroSoft Cortana
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