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Tripp Lite TLP808NETG Review of 2020 – Say Goodbye to Phantom Loads

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If you are a big fan of Eco-friendly environment, Tripp Lite TLP808NETG surgeprotector should obviously be one of the shortlisted ‘candidate’ on your shopping list for power saving surge suppressor. It is probably one of the best surge protectors one can get at such a price point.

Computer and laptop owners will love the Netbook switch whereby wattage can set to correctly match their computing devices.

Tripp Lite TLP808NETG Eco Surge Green, 8 Outlet, Tel DSL, 8ft Cord, 2160 JoulesThis ECO-Surge Tripp Lite TLP808NETG suppressor lowers your electrical bill by eliminating phantom loads through shutting off AC power to unused devices and peripherals.

And besides having a super long 8 foot power cord, Tripp Lite TLP808NETG TLP808NETG also features built-in diagnostic capabilities to warn you of potential wiring issues and damage.

For those who will need more power outlets, there is a 12 outlets model to choose from. Besides that, there is also a 3-in-1 model which protects TEL (phone and fax), TV and Network (ethernet routers, network devices etc). And if you are also a fan of Belkin, you should also check out the review for this 12 outlets surge protection power strip from Belkin.

Most importantly, this reliable surge protector is not at all costly given all the advanced features and benefits that come with it.

You do not have to believe us right now, take a look at the long list of its core features below and judge it for yourself. 🙂

Tripp Lite TLP808NETG Surge Protector  – What We Like

Core Features and Benefits

Eco-Friendly Power Surge Protection

Have you wonder why your electricity bills are still high even though most of the plugged in electronic equipment and home appliances are not used?

Well, thanks to phantom load (also known as vampire power or standby power), all your plugged in electronic and appliances at home are still consuming energy even when you are not at home.

Tripp Lite TLP808NETG comes equipped with 5 power saving outlets help reduce your electricity bill by shutting off AC power to connected devices and peripherals when they are not in active use.

How the Phantom Load Elimination Works

Phantom Load Elimination from Tripp Lite TLP808NETG ECO-SurgeWhenever a device or equipment that is plugged into the “Master” outlet get turned off, it will cause ECO-Surge to detect and automatically trigger a power shut-off to all the 5 other “Power Save” outlets.

This energy saving feature will effectively prevent the phantom load from devices connected to the “Power Save” outlets from consuming any further precious AC power.

For example, switching off your television set which is connected to the “Master” outlet will cause Tripp Lite TLP808NETG to automatically turn off the power to all other connected electronic equipment like DVD players, Multimedia Entertainment Systems, speakers and so on which are plugged into the “Power Save” outlets.

This energy saving feature also save you the hassle of having to crawl behind or under the TV console to switch off the rest of the connected equipment.

Wish to do the power switching yourself? No problem, this Tripp Lite TLP808NETG surge protector comes with a Auto/Manual switch. Switching it to manual mode will prevent the automatic power-saving mode from triggering.

Be careful when it comes to choosing which equipment or electronic devices to plug into the “Power Save” outlets. Devices that need to be constantly on like Cable/Internet Modem or wireless router should NOT be plugged into the “Power Save” outlets. They should be connected to the “Always On” outlets instead.

6 Built-in Diagnostic LEDs

No more second-guessing when Tripp Lite TLP808NETG’s ECO-Surge is protecting all your valuable electronic devices.

There is 1 built-in diagnostic LEDs to warn you of any potential wiring or grounding issues from any connected devices and another one for confirmation of active surge protection.

There are also 4 others that help indicate power availability for all 3 types of power outlets.

High Surge Suppression Rating

Not only does Tripp Lite TLP808NETG provides excellent surge protection and performance enhancement for devices like Personal Computers, Audio Video components and all other peripheral devices, it also comes with a high suppression rating of 2160 joules and that means your precious electronics are always protected from powerful power spikes and surges.

It has a low clamping voltage rating of just 150 which indicates better protection. Surge protection devices that offers a clamping voltage of more than 400 V is too high.

Full EMI/RFI Filtering

Various electrical and radio sources are known to cause disruptive interference on our AC line and line noise is a common culprit for incremental hardware damage, data corruption and audio/video performance problems.

This eco-friendly surge protector provides full EMI/RFI filtering of up to 40dB.

Wattage Selectable Netbook Switch

If case you are wondering if Tripp Lite TLP808NETG is compatible with all your computing devices and peripherals, your worries are totally unfounded.

This power saving surge suppressor comes with an unique Netbook switch (at the back of the panel) which allows you to set the right wattage for all PCs, Laptops, Netbooks and what-have-you and that makes it 100% compatible with all types of computing devices and electronics.

Peace of Mind Lifetime Warranty

This environmentally friendly surge protection device comes with a $150,000 Lifetime Insurance coverage for all your connected appliances and equipment.

These are guaranteed lifetime protection against surge damages. There is absolutely no need to fill out any forms.

Furthermore, their life time product warranty and no-questions-asked replacement policy should provide you with the ultimate peace of mind while your valuable devices are protected from nasty power surges and spikes.

Tripp Lite 8 Outlet (5 Energy Saving) Surge Protector Power Strip, 8ft Cord, Right-Angle Plug, Lifetime Limited Warranty & $150,000 INSURANCE (TLP808NETG)

Tripp Lite 8 Outlet (5 Energy Saving) Surge Protector Power Strip, 8ft Cord

PROTECT ANY ELECTRONIC DEVICE FROM POWER SURGES & SPIKES: Surge Protector with eight outlets protects your PC, personal computer, laptop, printer, scanner, router, phone, fax, modem, television, lamp or any other home/office electronics from dangerous power surges, spikes & line noise.

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Our Review of Tripp Lite TLP808NETG Surge Protector in 2020

9 Total Score
Tripp Lite TLP808NETG Eco-Surge Protector

Tripp Lite ECO-Surge is possibly the best feature-rich eco-friendly surge protector for both home and offices given its reliable power saving features and lifetime insurance and product warranty. Save the environment, your wallet and your electronic devices today with TLP808NETG.

Phantom Load Power Saving Features
6 Built-in Diagnostic LEDs
Wattage Selectable Netbook Switch
High Surge Suppression Rating of 2160
  • energy saving : eliminate phantom energy usage then lowers electric bill
  • features 6 diagnostic LEDs
  • child Safety Outlet Covers for all sockets
  • green sockets are not so well spaced
  • Some sockets are a little tight when plugging in devices
  • Ethernet protectors are only up to 100baseT and not Gigabit

Existing Buyers Review

In our research, we found out that most buyers of Tripp Lite TLP808NETG surge protector are generally happy with their purchase and are satisfied with the surge protection and energy saving features.

Minor Flaws – What to Expect

Some buyers did voiced out that the “Power Save” outlets need to be spaced out a bit more but that’s only a very small handful of users who happen to be using legacy power plugs that are huge in size.

Besides that, some do experience socket tightness when plugging in their electronic devices.

Check out Why This Eco-Surge Surge Protector Enjoys Such Great Reviews in Amazon

Who Should Buy it?

With its huge potential to help trim down your monthly electricity bills and being environmentally friendly, this reliable power surge protector is essentially catered for majority of home owners and office users.

This is also a must-have for people with lots of peripherals and appliances connected to either their TV or their personal PC or laptop.

Who Shouldn’t Buy It?

People with only a couple of electronic devices should obviously NOT get this surge protection device as there are lots of dual or triple outlets surge suppressors in the market.

And if you are looking to protect your entire household against transient surges and power spikes, then it is obvious that you should be looking at whole house surge protection solutions.

Also, if you are a computer geek like me who have to make use of lots and lots of electronic devices on a daily basis, you will definitely need something like TLP1210SATG. This 12 Outlets surge protector has the exact same features but with more power outlets and a $250,000 insurance.

Is the Price Reasonable?

Tripp Lite TLP808NETG annual savingThe price is totally reasonable when it comes to how much you are likely to save when you start eliminating those power hungry phantom load of your devices.

As seen on the chart (right), with this power saving surge protection device, you can expect to get an annual saving of up to $40 or more.

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Additional Tripp Lite TLP808NETG Information

Important Product information and Specifications

Right Angle Plug: Yes

Voltage compatibility: 120 VAC

Frequency compatibility: 60 Hz

Maximum Surge Amps: 144000

Overload protection: 15-amp circuit breaker

AC suppression rating (joules): 2160

Clamping Voltage: 150

UL1449 Let Through Rating: 330 L-G, 400 L-N, 400 N-G

AC Suppression Response Time: less than 1 ns

EMI/RFI Filtering: Up to 40 dB

Outlet quantity/type: 8 x 5-15R (1 Master, 5 Power Save, 2 Always On)

Signal line protection: RJ45 network/Ethernet jacks (1 set)

Input cord: 8′ Input plug: 5-15P right-angle

Switches/LEDs/alarms: On/Off power/circuit breaker switch, Auto/Manual switch (green/standard operation), Netbook switch (wattage select), 6 diagnostic LEDs

Dimensions (HxWxD): 1.5″ x 4.9″ x 9.5″ Weight: 1.9 lbs

Material of construction: Plastic

Certification: UL 1449 3rd Edition (AC Suppression)

Agency approvals: UL 1449, UL 1663, UL497A, FCC Part 68 / Industrie Canada (telecom), RoHS

What Else to Know about Tripp Lite TLP808NETG?

Below is a video from Tripp Lite showcasing usage of this ECO-Surge suppressor.

Find Out More About Tripp Lite Surge TLP808NETG

Bottom Line – Should You Get Tripp Lite TLP808NETG?

Our team believes that Tripp Lite TLP808NETG Surge Protector is the perfect choice when it comes to protecting your electronics and computing devices at home while helping you cut down the monthly energy bills. And if this model is not good enough for you, we want you to know that Tripp Lite has another excellent 3-in-1 model TLP1008TEL which is as good.

If you are looking for a surge protector that is 100% compatible with all your computing devices, TLP808NETG should easily be one of your top choices.

Our Second Opinion Pick

Bestek MRJ8004
BESTEK Surge Protector Power Strip, 900 Joules Dual USB Surge Protector with 8-Outlet, 6-Foot Heavy Duty Extention Power Cord, Energy-Saving Master/Individual Switches Control SupportedIf you are having second thoughts after reading our review on TLP808NETG and would like to look at alternative brands which are also eco-friendly, you may want to check out Bestek MRJ8004 which is a surge protector power strip from Bestek which our team highly recommend too. Below is some core features of this Bestek surge protector that is budget-friendly as well.

Bestek MRJ8004 comes with 900J surge protection energy rating and 8 AC outlets. In addition to that, it also comes with an awesome dual Smart USB Charging ports leveraging on Smart IC Technology to charge your devices at its fastest speed possible of up to 2.4A per port / 4.2A in total.

And just like TLP808NETG, it also comes with a master outlet control system which will help shutdown all devices when they are no longer in use. With this feature, your plug-in devices will bid goodbye to Phantom Loads and with you having a lower electrical bills.

Check Price of Bestek MRJ8004 Here

Tripp Lite TLP808NETG Frequently Asked Questions

How many transformer plugs can be plugged into TLP808NETG?

Tlp808netg comes with 8 AC outlets with enough space for you to plug in 3 transformer plugs without blocking the other 5 AC outlets.

Can I plug 'always on' network appliances like Internet and Wifi routers into this eco-friendly surge protection device?

TLP808NETG comes with 2 ‘always on’ AC power outlets that provide continuous electrical flow to appliances that need to be turned on throughout 24 hours everyday.

Can this energy-efficient surge protection device be mounted on the wall?

Yes, this surge suppressor housing comes with keyhole mounting tabs that allows wall-mounting.

More information on Tripp Lite TLP808NETG

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