Buyers Beware: Kuankuanbao Power Strip Surge Protector Recalled

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The Kuankuanbao power strip surge protector tower with 8 sockets and 3 USB ports is a product that was sold via Fruugo, an online marketplace.

Recalling of Kuankuanbao Power Strip Surge Protector

This 8-socket surge protection device poses a serious risk of electric shock due to easy access to live parts. The authority is actively recalling this surge protector from end users who have bought the product as a corrective action. The surge protector has since been taken off the shelves from Fruugo, an online marketplace. Consumers who have purchased this product should stop using it immediately and contact Fruugo for a refund or a replacement. Consumers should also report any incidents or injuries related to this product to the authority.

Kuankuanbao power strip surge protector (from China) does not meet the requirements of the Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 2016 – this product presents a serious risk of electric shock if the accessible metal parts become live. If a user touches the live part, they will receive an electric shock. In addition, this China surge protector will also need improvement in marking, labeling and documentation.

Recall Date: 26 July 2023

More information regarding this power strip surge protector can be found here.

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