Panamax MR4000 Review – Get the Best at Affordable Price

Panamax MR4000 Review

Finally. The long-awaited sale is on.

You filled your shopping cart with a 55” TV, a set of the latest sound system and various home entertainment appliances.

Three days later – as you finish setting them up at home, it dawns on you that something is amiss.

Would all these expensive home entertainment electronics be able to survive voltage fluctuations like voltage sags and swells?

Will audio and visual quality get affected?

What if a damaging power spike (lightning strike) comes along?

You realize you need a power management device with surge protection ability.

Since you have already exhausted your budget setting up the costly home entertainment system, you want something that is affordable – and yet has all the essential features to handle power irregularities.

With more than 40 years in the industry and having numerous industry awards, Panamax MR4000 might be your best option.

While it does not possess features that come with higher-end series like Panamax MR4300 and Panamax MR5100, it does have all essential features to ensure proper surge protection and power management.

Panamax MR4000 MR4000 8-Outlet Home Theater Power Management with Surge Protection and Power Conditioning

Let’s explore and review Panamax MR4000 and its core features.

Core Features of Panamax MR4000


Front Panel Convenience Outlet

If you are anything like me who places convenience above most things in life, you will find a front panel power outlet an addictive feature to have. 🙂

Imagine having the ease of plugging in appliances or personal electronics (e.g gaming systems that you only play once in a while) for temporary usage without having to mess around with the chuck of wires at the back panel.

Panamax MR4000 Front Panel

Exclusive Automatic Voltage Monitoring (AVM)

If you live in an area whereby there are very frequent sags and swells in power voltages, AVM will be a feature you will love the most.

AVM will constantly monitor for any unsafe power conditions and there are any that pose a damaging threat to connected devices, power to the electronics will be momentarily cut off. An indicator light will also be shown on the front panel.

Once the power condition returns to the normal range, the power to the outlets will reconnect. This is obviously not a welcoming feature for people who connect to mission-critical devices like security cameras or Internet routers.

Protect or Disconnect™ Technology

In the event that MR4000 detects a huge power spike similar to that of lightning (most severe) or more commonly power surges from utility substations, AC power will be completely cut-off from all connected devices.

Surge Protection – 1350 Joules Rating

During a power surge, it is good to know that Panamax MR4000 has quite a decent amount of joules to shield your plugged-in devices from harmful surges.

Panamax Level 2 Noise Filtration

With Level 2 noise filtration, there will be a prominent improvement in image and sound quality. If you are into watching high-definition movies, you will definitely experience noticeable differences.

15A Resettable Circuit Breaker

This is an awesome safety feature that helps guard protect your plugged-in devices against electrical over-voltage and under-voltage.

LAN and Coaxial Surge Protection

Known for having the smallest signal loss in the industry, MR4000 will ensure the elimination of potential signal loss for LAN and coaxial connections.


Yes, MR series are all rack-mountable but do note that rack ears are sold separately.

Safe Power and Filtration Indicator

This indicator should always be lighted up and it is an indication that there is a safe flow of A/C power into your connected electrical components.

Line Fault and Unsafe Voltage Indicator

These are indicator lights that tell you exactly what the problems are. No more making wild guesses. 🙂 Wiring faults (Line Fault Indicator) or unsafe incoming power voltages (Unsafe Voltage Indicator) will trigger the lighting up of these 2 indicator lights.

Panamax MR4000 Back Panel

What do We love About Panamax MR4000?

Just like the rest of the MR series, we are always impressed with Panamax’s patented AVM (Automatic Voltage Monitoring) as well as its Protect or Disconnect™ Technology.
These two features alone will provide you with peace of mind that all your connected multimedia and electrical equipment are in safe hands when unhealthy power voltages come about.

8.9 Total Score
Review of Panamax MR4000 [Power Management | Power Conditioning | Surge Protection]

Panamax MR4000 is a basic level power management cum Conditioner with surge protection. Most ideal for people with a budget constrain but would like to have basic protection for their home entertainment system. Panamax MR4000 comes with a lifetime warranty and an awesome $5,000,000 Limited Lifetime Connected Equipment Protection Policy.

Features and Functions
Power Cord Length
Warranty Period
  • Front Panel Convenience Outlet
  • Exclusive Automatic Voltage Monitoring (AVM)
  • Protect or Disconnect™ Technology
  • Surge Protection - 1350 Joules Rating
  • Panamax Level 2 Noise Filtration
  • 15A Resettable Circuit Breaker
  • LAN and Coaxial Surge Protection
  • Rack Mountable
  • Safe Power and Filtration Indicator
  • Line Fault and Unsafe Voltage Indicator
  • Awesome Warranty
  • Lack of USB Charging port
  • Comes with only Cat5 Ethernet cable
  • Lack of 'Always On' outlets

Minor Flaws – What to Expect?

Some users do not like the fact that certain connected devices do not get returned to the “Power On” state after a power disconnection due to fluctuating voltages.
Hence if you have devices that need to be powered on 7 by 24 hours, like Internet routers or security cameras, you may consider reading our review on Panamax MR5100 which has up to 5 “Always On” outlets.

Who Should Buy Panamax MR4000?

Home Entertainment Users: Individuals with home theaters, audio systems, and video setups can benefit from the MR4000’s surge protection and noise filtration. It helps improve the quality of audio and video signals, providing a better overall entertainment experience. Not to mention that it also helps prevent all kinds of hazards caused by the fluctuating power supply. It disconnects and reconnects your devices automatically.

A/V Professionals: Those working in the audiovisual industry who need clean and stable power for recording or playback equipment can find value in the MR4000’s noise filtration features, ensuring high-quality sound and video output.

Do you have high expectations for audio and visual quality? If so, it would probably be worth the investment to pamper yourself with a power management unit with surge protection functions like Panamax MR4000.

If you are on a budget constraint but get the functions of a power conditioning unit, this is probably the best wallet-friendly option for you. 🙂

Who Shouldn’t Buy It?

High-End Audio Professionals: Professionals working with extremely high-end audio equipment might require more specialized and higher-grade power conditioning solutions tailored to their specific needs.

On the flip side, there is obviously no need to get a power conditioning device if there are no expensive entertainment or appliances that you need protection against damaging voltage fluctuations.

Moreover, if you are thinking of getting one to protect your “Always On” devices like home security devices or network devices, this is definitely NOT something you should get.

Is The Price of Panamax MR4100 Worth It?

If you do not have lots of electrical appliances and equipment that need protection and have no need for a USB connection and isolated banks, this 8-outlet power management device is probably the best model you should get without breaking the bank.


Like we mentioned earlier, if you do not have requirements for those higher-end features from other MR series like MR4300 or MR5100, MR4000 is probably the best you can get with all the essential features like AVM (Automatic Voltage Monitoring) and its Protect or Disconnect™ Technologies.

Additional Panamax MR4000 Information

Panamax MR4000 Manual

Panamax MR4000 Datasheet

Panamax MR4000 FAQs

Can I use MR4000 for mission-critical equipment like Internet Routers and Cable boxes?

No, MR4000 does not come with any ‘Always On’ outlets. If you require an ‘Always On’ outlet, you may want to read up our review for MR5100 instead.

What are the Auto-resetting Over-voltage and Under-voltage shutoff triggers?

Under-Voltage Shutoff is 95V ± 2V and Over-Voltage Shutoff is 140V ±4V.

What is the Max Filtration Rating for MR4000?

Max filtration rating is at -60dB @ 300kHz

What are the dimensions of MR4000?

The dimensions are 17″W x 6″D x 1.75″ H, 2.19″ H with feet

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