How Do You Reset Surge Protector? Do it the Safe Way

Reset Surge Protector

Resetting a surge protection device may sound easy. But it can be deceiving as certain surge protection device may lose their capability to do power surge protection once it is reset. Never attempt to reset surge protector if you have no idea what to do. Always refer to the operational manual if one is available.

Alternatively, you can either download it from the manufacturer’s website or give their support hotline a call.

Reset Surge ProtectorBefore you attempt to reset the surge protector at home or in the office, always ensure that there are no connected devices that are plugged in and there is no thunderstorm roaring away outside your window. Be sure to call in a certified technician if you have a Type 1 or 2 surge protector installed.

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Which Button Do You Press to Reset Surge Protector?

Once you have unplugged all connected devices, look for the reset button either at the back or side of the surge protection device. If you are unsure, always refer to the manual that comes with it.

If there is indeed a reset button, press the button (you may have to press and hold for a few seconds) and wait for the surge protection device to reset itself. The power cycling duration may vary between different brands and models.

These days, most good surge protection units do not come with a reset button. Instead, there is an On/Off switch which you are able to conveniently reset the power to the surge protection device.

Be patient after you turn off or reset surge protector that is purchased a few years back. Some old models may have longer boot-up sequences.

Wait for a few minutes, check the LED indication lights, make sure they are all turned back on and are lighting up the way they are supposed to be. Do a thorough test on your surge protection device to make sure everything is working.

Look out for unusual signs like flickering red LED indicator lights or audible alarms that beep away continuously.

**Never reset surge protector for the whole house if you happen to own one. Whole house surge protection devices are usually connected to the circuit breaker panel and resetting them may require some form of electrical knowledge. Always give the support hotline a call whenever you are in doubt.

Upon confirmation that everything is running fine, you may start to plug in all the electronic devices that require surge protection.

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