Why is My Surge Protector Beeping Out of the Blue?


Last Updated on May 15, 2020 by Marc Edwards

Most surge protectors are programmed to notify you when there is a notification alert that you need to be aware of. So if you find your surge protector beeping all day long, something is obviously wrong. In this short article, we will reveal what are the few reasons behind all these beeps…

Surge Protector BeepingFor the most part, this is usually a very clear cut indication of warnings from the surge protection unit that you have. Take a look at the LED indicators (if any) and you should be able to quickly tell what the issue is about. If in doubt, always refer to the operational manual. Most surge suppressor units should come with one.

If there are no warning LED indicators and the surge protection device continues to beep, be sure to contact the technical hotline or support of the manufacturer. Most of the time, their technical staff are able to help resolve the beeping issue over the phone. Most whole house surge protection devices should come with hotline for you to call in whenever there is problem with the Type 2 surge protection device.

Obviously, there are some brands of surge protectors that would trigger a beeping sound where they are no longer able to protect all connected devices. Other times, the beeping may be a warning notification to alert you of bad wiring or power source issues.

To sum up, below is a list of reasons that keeps your surge protector beeping non-stop.

Bad wiring warning – could be caused by external source if your house is connected to a central wiring panel.

Power source issue warning – potential power grid issue

Grounding issue warning -could be cause by bad wiring

Hardware faulty warning – if your SPD is more than 3 years old, it probably time to replace it with an energy saving one.

Protection mode is no longer active – some brand of surge protectors have such a feature

Never attempt to open up the enclosure and operate or troubleshoot on the surge protection unit yourself. You may end up voiding the warranty should you accidentally cause damage (short circuit) to the circuit board, enclosure or worse, getting yourself electrocuted. Be safe and give their hotline a call.

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