Washing Machine Surge Protector – Do You Really Need One at Home in 2022?


A washing machine is by no means the type of major household appliance which you can easily replace without blinking an eyelid.

Price tags of some high-end washing machines are in the thousands. Without a washing machine surge protector, this major household appliance could be damaged beyond repair when a damaging power surge comes through.

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Getting a surge protector for your washing machine or major household appliances is really a small price to pay when you think about their replacement cost.

Moreover, the many days of inconvenience while waiting for a new one to arrive would be nightmarish to most people.

Not sure about you, my family uses the washing machine almost every other day. Washing all the soiled clothing of my three kiddies plus our daily work attires are enough to fill up more than half the load of our washing machine.

So it is pretty hard for me to imagine a day without it.

Do You Really Need a Washing Machine Surge Protector?

Not really.

There is no need to get one if you and your family fall under the following groups listed below:

Big Wardrobe Group

You only need to wash all your clothing once a week or longer. You have so much clothing 👔🩳👖👕👗  in your wardrobe that it would take than three full months for you to wear every single one of them.

Auto Laundry Shop Group

You have an automated laundry shop nearby your house. And you probably make use of your washing machine for less than 10 times a year. If you fall under this group, do not waste your money 💸💸💸  on a washing machine surge protector.

Wash Most of Own Clothing Group

Seriously, who does that these days? Well, if you do fall under this group of people, congrats. You are probably staying alone and you hand-wash most of your clothing. In such case, even if your washing machine get fried by a catastrophic power surge, you will survive. 🙌🙌🙌

Good Neighbors Group

If you are like me who happen to have awesome neighbors living left and right of my house, feel free to NOT buy a surge protector for your washing machine. My washing machine once broke down 2 years ago and one of my neighbors offered us free usage of their washing machine. We used it for 3 full days till the new one arrives.

Cannot Wait to Change Group

Do not buy a surge protector if you happen to be waiting for your washing machine to kick the bucket soon. You may be praying hard everyday that it happens so that you can get that space-saving COMFEE’ 1.6 Cu.ft Portable Washing Machine. 😜

There you have it. Not everyone needs to get a washing machine surge protector. It all depends on the specific needs and environment of individuals.

On the flip side, you should really get one if you:

  • just bought a new washing machine that cost more than half your paycheck
  • your family need to use the washing machine every single day (like me)
  • do not have awesome neighbors to let you use their washing machine in times of need 🙂
  • are not living nearby a self service laundry shop
  • do not even know how to hand-wash your own clothing. 😁

Remember this, getting surge protector is like buying a life insurance for your electrical appliance, you will never know when a nasty power spike will come along and suck the electrical life away from your costly electrical appliances.

Besides washing machine, you should get surge protection for all major electrical appliances at home if the area you live in is prone to power surge and lightning. Do consider a whole house surge protection model if you are looking to protect all electrical appliances and electronics within your home.

Better be safe than sorry.

Marc Edwards

Marc Edwards

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