Comprehensive Review of Square D SDSA1175 Surge Protector

Square D SDSA1175 Review
Square D SDSA1175 review
Review of Square D SDSA1175 Surge Protector
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Square D SDSA1175 is a compact and affordable hardwired Type 1 surge protection device that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation. This device utilizes high-energy suppression circuitry that can be setup at any point in the electrical system. SDSA1175 comes with 24 months warranty and is highly compatible with most electrical panel brands.

NEMA Rating
Ease of Setup
Surge Current Rating
Breaker Box Compatibility
  • 36kA surge current capacity
  • NEMA 4X Enclosure Rating
  • Suitable for Both Indoor and Outdoor setup
  • Compatible with most breaker box brands
  • LED Indicator for Operational Status
  • Balanced protection for all circuits and receptacles
  • 24 Months Warranty
  • LED Light could be brighter
  • Documentation could be better

What Can Square D SDSA1175 Do for You?

Square D SDSA1175 offers Type 1 surge protection for your entire house, in addition to type 3 surge protectors that are connected to your everyday electronics and appliance.

This 36kA single phrase service panel mountable device is NEMA 4X rated which means it is able to prevent the ingression of tiny wind dust particles and water. Therefore it is an ideal candidate for both indoor and outdoor installation.

This small and lightweight surge suppression device makes it possible to install directly on sensitive equipment or adjacent to power panels.

In this review of Square D SDSA1175, I will provide a thorough review of its functional aspects and comment on areas where there is room for improvement.

Pro Buying Tips

Ensure that your power panel is compatible with the Type 1 rated device that you are going to buy.

Square D by Schneider Electric SDSA1175 Panel Mounted Single Phase Type 1 Surge Protective Device, Black, SDSA1175CPDesigned for surge suppression of 120 and 120/240 Vac, SDSA1175 has been rated for both outdoor and indoor installation. This Type 1 rated surge protection device is capable of performing early suppression of irregular transient surges to manageable levels.

Besides offering LED indicated operational status, this suppression device comes equipped with a field-proven MOV design that has a response time of fewer than 50 nanoseconds. In addition, its clamping voltage is even lower than most traditional gas tube arrestors.

If you have vulnerable equipment powered by panels that are exposed to frequent adverse weather conditions, you should seriously consider getting SDSA1175 which provides an immediate indication if it requires replacement.


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Schneider Electric SDSA1175 – Core Features

Suitable for both Indoor and Outdoor Setup

Rated for NEMA 4X, SDSA1175 can be installed in both indoor and outdoor areas, offering surge protection for vulnerable equipment from weather-exposed electrical panels.

Operational Status LED Indicator

This three-wired surge suppressor comes equipped with an LED indicator which provides early detection and notification of operational faults and necessary replacement.

Flexibility in Installation Locations

Square D SurgeLogic SDSA1175 offers location flexibility as it is possible to have it installed at any point within the electrical system in your house or office building. It can even be mounted onto a meter socket or inside electrical control cabinets.

Field Proven MOV Design

SDSA1175 has tested and proven MOV design that provides an enhanced response time of fewer than 50 nanoseconds and the clamping voltage beat out typical gas tube arrestors in the market.

Coordinated Fuse Technology

This whole house surge protector possesses coordinated fusing that allows quick disconnection when thermal and high current events take place. In short, it provides both surge suppression as well as managing thermal and high-current end-of-life (MOVs) events.

Warranty Period

Like most reputable brands and models, SDSA1175 from Square D comes with a peace-of-mind 24-month warranty.

  • Product Dimension: 3.3 x 6 x 8.2 inches
  • Product Weight: 0.72 pounds [0.32 kg]
  • Enclosure Type: NEMA 4X
  • Thermal Fusing: Yes
  • Peak Surge Current: 36 kA per phrase
  • Voltage Rating: 120.240 VAC
  • Wiring Config: 3-wire
  • Energy Rating: 1304 Joules
  • Mounting Type: Nipple
  • Warranty: 2 years limited warranty

Who Should Get it?

If you are living in an area exposed to harsh weather conditions like frequent lightning storms and power irregularities, getting SDSA1175 to protect the whole house against harmful power surges is definitely a worthy investment.

Who Should NOT Get it?

Unless you are a student staying in a dormitory room or someone who rents a room, getting a whole house surge protection device like SDSA1175 is highly recommended. Having SDSA1175 installed at the power panel acts as the first line of defense against powerful voltage spikes which are usually triggered by power grids or nearby lightning strikes.

Alternative Brands and Models

If budget is of no concern to you, there are obviously better alternatives out there. For example, Siemens FS140 and Leviton 51120 are two of the best whole house surge suppression devices you can get on the market.

Where to Buy Square D SDSA1175?

You can able to get Square D SDSA1175 from eBay if you are unable to get it from Amazon.

Buyers’ Opinions, Feedback and Reviews

Most buyers mentioned that setting up SDSA1175 is a breeze and can be done within 30 minutes if you are getting someone professional to get it done for you. Although not a deal-breaker, there is a few feedback regarding the LED notification light being dim when viewed from certain angles – especially when it is installed at an outdoor location.

What Else to Know about SDSA1175?

Besides providing whole house surge protection, SDSA1175 can also be used in the area of building and industrial automation, low voltage products & systems, OEM, etc. Below are links to the user guide and product datasheet if you are interested to give it a read before getting one. User Guide Product Datasheet

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Cable Length of SDSA1175?

The cable length is 24 inches or 60.9cm.

Can I install SDSA1175 on my own?

No. Unless you are a trained or certified professional, it is best to get an electrical professional to do the installation.

What is the Difference Between Type 1 and Type 2 Surge Protection Devices?

Type 1 surge protection devices protect against external power surges from power grids or distant lightning – it acts as the first line of defense for your home and office.

Type 2 surge protection devices’ role is to limit harmful transient voltages and aims to shield sensitive electronics like end-user electronics and appliances. It is typically used for commercial and industrial applications.

Bottomline – Should You Get One?

SDSA1175 which comes with 2 years warranty, should be on your shopping list if you are looking for an affordable surge protection device that is capable of protecting your home or office against external power spikes and harmful transients. 

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